Systems Thinking

Things don’t happen in isolation. Every action we take has a ripple effect both seen and unseen. We work on finding the hidden connections. 90% of startups should not fail. There should be fewer surprises in business. We believe that stable, growing businesses are one of the finest engines for fighting poverty.


Everything is change. It can either be chaotic or ordered. Ordered change is predictable. The sun rises predictably every day, but always at a different time. If you try to keep things the same you are fighting against nature. Ultimately you will lose. Change is inevitable and so we must learn to guide it to our advantage.

Team Learning

We should all have a higher motivation than career advancement. If you are a leader, you owe it to your team to help them find this purpose and to make your organisation a place they can achieve their definition of greatness. Working because you must is mild slavery. Help your team love the work.